Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fact of Life #31 by Denise Vega

FACT OF LIFE #48: Kat’s mom is No-Last-Name Abra, the best home-birth midwife in Colorado. But with her own daughter, Abra can’t stop teaching and lecturing long enough to be a mom.Fact of Life #21: Kat’s had a crush on Manny Cruz since seventh grade. Now Manny is showing interest , but could he seriously be into Weird Yoga Girl Kat Flynn?
Fact of Life #14: Gorgeous Libby Giles has always intimidated Kat. But lately there’s something different about Libby, and it’s about to bring her crashing into Kat’s Life. . . .
Hilarious and poignant, this is the story of one girl’s sometimes funny, sometimes painful path to self-acceptance and to finding her place in the world.

My Impression of this book from the first couple of pages: Wow, this book is going to be REALLY annoying.

My Impression from then on: THIS BOOK ROCKS!!

Kat Flynn is a teenage girl who, while slightly socially awkward, stays true to herself. While she does have the occasional jealous rant against the most popular girl in the school, Libby Giles, the desire to be like Libby doesn't make her give up her true self. I really loved Kat, she wasn't afraid to be snarky, even to the most popular boy in school, and when people made her angry she let them know that she was ANGRY. I wanted to shout YOU GO GIRL a few times while reading this book!

One of the main plot points throughout this book was the relationship between Kat and Manny, which I thought was great. I thought their relationship was really sweet, and I liked how Kat didn't let Manny kick her around (I don't want to say too much about their relationship because I don't want to give away the story!). The development of their relationship was also very well written, it seemed very realistic and not forced at all. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Kat and the various members of her family. Her little sister was totally adorable, and the relationship between Kat and her mother was very emotional. I wanted to cry during some of Kat's monologues on Abra and being a midwife, which I thought was a really unique touch!

Although this book was released in 2008 and therefore may not be on your radar, it's still definitely a book to pick up. It's a really fun read with some more emotional issues brought up on occasion. One of my favorite reads of the summer!

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