Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where are the witches?

Today on my way home i was thinking about things i could post on the blog, and then it came to me, my top ten favorite witches! It was perfect! As a big fantasy fan of course witches are right up my alley. However when it came down to picking i realized........ I haven' even read ten amazing books about witches. I've read books with magic sure, tons of them. Books where characters find a magical land or obtain some object of magical power, but a book about real witches? One's who use spells, make potions, etc.? Only a few came to my mind. So my new challenge for myself is to start looking for books starring witches, have a good one you think i should read? Please post it in a comment below!

Now i'm off to find the witches...... the wonderful witches of oz! :)

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