Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Misguided Angel (a blue bloods novel) by Melissa De La Cruz

This book left me both confused and longing for the sequel, a weird combination? I think so.

Misguided Angel is told in three parts, all from the point of view of a different character, Mimi Force, Schuyler Van Alen, and a new vampire, Deming Chen. At first i didn't like this at all (I wanted more Schuyler!) however as I read on I really loved it. The different viewpoints allow you to see all of the different things going on in the Blue Bloods world and having them in sections instead of alternating chapters really allowed you to get into each storyline. We find Schuyler searching for the gate of promise with jack, of course finding problems around the way. Mimi, the newly appointed Regent of the Coven, is struggling to control a deteriorating society, all while dealing with a broken heart! Our new character Deming Chen is brought to New York to help Mimi fight a new threat. My personal favorite section was Deming Chen's it was the most revealing of the three to the plot and what we will most likely see in the next book.

The only thing that bothered me was the way the historical sections of the book were told, they did contribute a lot to the storyline but I found them slightly confusing. Although this might have been my own fault, I should have refreshed myself on the series before diving into this novel.

One of the things I love about this series is the way it combines action, romance, and fantasy, and this novel didn't disappoint. De La Cruz gave us action in the first two chapters! Overall, a great addition to a great series!

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