Monday, January 10, 2011

Top ten hottest book hotties

10. Raf Kosravi from the Magic in Manhattan series: A guy who can dance and doesn't care about popularity? sign me up!

9. Henry Schoonmaker from The Luxe series: I love Henry! The whole storyline between him and Diana was one of my favorites.

8.  Ezra Fitz from the Pretty Little Liars series: Yes, the whole student teacher relationship thing was creepy but Mr. Fitz's hotness definitely made it significantly less creepy :).

7. James Easton from The Agency series: You can't help but love a guy who helps out the girl he likes, especially when hes risking his life for it!

6. Jack Force from The Blue Bloods series: Hot, a vampire, rich, nice, need I say more?

5. Alex Fuentes from Perfect Chemistry: Okay so technically he's in a gang and that's not really something to go gaga over but come on, how sweet is he? He does it for his family people!

4. Wesley Rush from The Duff: So truthfully I would hate a guy like him in real life, but I love him in this book! Cocky characters are awesome.

3. Owen Armstrong from Just Listen: I love Owen! I love love love him! This is definitely my favorite Sarah Dessen book and Owen contributes a lot to that. He's a music lover and he doesn't care what people think. Perfect!

2. Cam Fisher from The Clique series: I know what your thinking, The Clique? Really? But I love them! They're kind of a guilty pleasure for me, and I love Cam and Claire, cutest middle school couple ever!

1. Rob Wilkins from the 1-800-Where-R-You series: Rob is that mysterious bad boy with a motorcycle that we all want to come into our lives, so how could you not love him when he comes into Jess's?

The books are in a random order, not in a least favorite to favorite format.

Who are your hottest hotties?

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